ISF2020: Beginnings – Sonic Tributes

ISF2020: Vandana Shiva & David Suzuki: The Virus is a Wake-up Call

ISF2020: It Could Be Verse: Poetry for a Pandemic 

ISF2020: Joseph Stiglitz on ‘People, Power, and Profits’ with Arjun Jayadev

ISF2020: Night of the Raga

ISF2020: Boonoonoonous Hair! And other stories for diverse little humans

ISF2020: 5×15 Global Edition

ISF2020: Tiffin Talks – Zanani / Zamana / Zameen

ISF2020: Vij’s at Home | ISF2020

ISF2020: 10th Anniversary Closing Party




BLACK LIVES MATTER – we stand in solidarity

We stand in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives. We support those fighting racism, violence, injustice and discrimination, and we wish to express our solidarity without co-opting this moment with our own representation.

Our work has always been to catalyze new thinking, question cultural stereotypes, embrace differences and close cultural and ideological gaps. Our vision is for an inclusive, diverse and culturally-rich society that values the transformative power of the arts. In light of these core values, we give our admiration and respect to the Black artists, thinkers, and writers who are leading this movement. The work of Black liberation benefits all of us, and we are grateful.

South Asian people know all too well the deep-rooted toxicity of shadism, colourism, and casteism. We are part of a struggle for South Asian representation in the Canadian arts and cultural landscape which is very real. We have always been heartened and strengthened when artists and audiences from other communities have stepped forward to support our work. Our team is made of people from diverse identities and backgrounds. From our intersecting positions of struggle and privilege, we deepen our commitment to tackle anti-Black racism where it resides in our own communities and in our own work and lives. This is a moment for us to amplify, support, listen, learn and stand up in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives.

None of us are free until all of us are free.


10th anniversary, 10 weeks, 10 events

We have always recognized the transformative power of the arts, and it is clear in this crisis that people have turned once more to the arts, for levity, for solace, to make sense of our predicament and imagine our futures. So we’re taking our events online, participating with care and consideration in what is already a crowded space. We will present a series of carefully curated events that will help our audience feel a sense of solidarity and purpose in creating a post-pandemic world that is not a return to normalcy as we knew it, but as we can reimagine and remake it. We are excited by the opportunities to bring people together in digital community when we need it more than ever, to remove more barriers to accessibility, to support artists, and to reach and engage an international audience.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary edition (and in response to the global pandemic) our 10-day July festival will move online with 10 specially curated-for-screen digital events over 10 weeks starting this Saturday! From Grammy Award-winning musicians to emerging poets, razor sharp economists to visionary environmental warriors, this year’s programming spans literary dialogues, intellectual debates, musical performances, and interactive culinary experiences. Indian Summer Festival has built its reputation on its loving and audacious curatorial punch, and this 10th anniversary edition sees a stunning global cast of talent applying its creative power to address this unsettling time.

So please mark Saturdays at 7:01pm in your calendar, May 16-July 18, register for our upcoming events and watch for us in your inboxes and on your screens. It’s free to participate, acknowledging that this is a difficult time for many, and we invite those who can to show us your love by becoming a supporter or patron of the festival.

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