Developing the Next Generation of Arts Professionals

Developing the Next Generation of Arts Professionals

Working with Interns and Volunteers

Every year, ISF takes on three to five interns via co-op and mentorship programs. To us an internship is not about handing off menial tasks, but an opportunity to grow our next generation of arts leaders. In 2016 we had five interns – three university students and two early career professionals. In addition, Artistic Director Sirish Rao acted as a mentor for the Young Women in Business Blueprint Mentorship Program. Our interns took on responsible, meaningful and rewarding roles, from managing hundreds of volunteers to handling social media communication to managing the schedules of international artists. Their contribution to the festival’s success is their first step towards becoming the cultural architects of tomorrow, and we look forward to seeing their careers grow.

A message from Alexis Douglas, Volunteer Coordinator

“The last three months have been amazing. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to grow as a human being. Some of the lessons learned: how to be graceful and calm in stressful situations, how to be better at financial systems, box office management, database management, site surveys, people skills, board meetings, donor relations, effective communication styles, effective teamwork. But, the most important lesson was this: if you have an idea about how to improve the world and make it better and more inclusive and loving by sparking meaningful dialogue through art (in all its forms), you can do it!“

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