“A sensual and cerebral smorgasbord—a veritable feast— for those with a curious mind”

“A sensual and cerebral smorgasbord—a veritable feast— for those with a curious mind”

From Charlie Smith, The Georgia Straight


We are delighted to have just launched the first slate of events for Indian Summer Festival 2018 (July 5-15). Here is a brilliant round-up from one of our Premier Media Partners The Georgia Straight. 

Tickets are now on sale, and already going fast!

The theme for this year’s festival is ‘Mythmaking’. People have always longed to know where we come from, why the world came to be and why things are the way they are. And so for millennia, we have woven stories that account for the unseen forces that shape our lives. We have also built more functional fictions – the concept of money, for example or the idea of the nation – that allow us to operate on a shared understanding. The artists at ISF 2018 take on this massive theme, and examine ten centuries of human imagination and storytelling. We present a continent-spanning range of artists, from the inheritors of ancient oral storytelling traditions to genre-defying musicians, award-winning novelists, and provocative visual artists.

It all starts with Vikram Vij bringing together the city’s top chefs to respond to the festival’s theme with culinary creations, for an evening that awakens the palate as much as it does the mind. Hear the world’s greatest flute player (musical maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia) in a stunning concert in the Orpheum Theatre one night, and then the next day, join us for high tea in the beautiful formal gardens of the Ismaili Centre, where the Allegra Chamber Orchestra and Mohamed Assani play tribute to Scheherazade of the One Thousand and One Nights, the storyteller of all storytellers.

Travel back ten centuries to witness an art form that has remain unchanged for a millennium when the renowned Nepathya troupe presents a rare Kutiyattam performance at the Chan Centre. Then experience the future of music as sonic revolutionary Jarrett Martineau (host of ‘Reclaimed’ on CBC) curates an evening featuring Canadian and international stars Leanne SimpsonCris DerksenAja MonetRup SidhuAdham ShaikhVivek Shraya and Chugge Khan, to name just a few. A slew of award-winning writers including Amitava KumarCharlotte GillVikram Chandra and Sir James Mallinson grapple with topics ranging from fake news as contemporary mythmaking, to tree-planting, linguistic wizardry and the shapeshifting practice of yoga.

This is only the start, many more events to be announced shortly including a series with ISF 2018’s artist-in-residence Sandeep Johal, and an exciting new hub of free programming which will see performances, workshops, long table lunches and live podcasts. Meanwhile get those tickets while they last, and join us in what we promise will be the most eclectic, exciting and nourishing two weeks this summer.

A special thank you to our event presenting partners: Concord Pacific, Nature’s Path Organic, Odlum Brown Limited, The Ismaili Centre (Burnaby), and UBC Asian Studies.  Have a look at all our wonderful sponsors here


Check out all the announced events:

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