We’re thrilled to announce PAUSE

We’re thrilled to announce PAUSE

Indian Summer Festival’s first ever full outdoor programming hub

Against a spectacular view of the North Shore mountains and downtown Vancouver, PAUSE is situated at the site of the village of sən̓aʔqʷ (pronounced Sun’ahk), currently known as Vanier Park. Housing a festival within the festival, PAUSE features free events every day from July 6th to July 15th.

Check out all the events:

Every event includes all-star performances, talks and dialogues, food, workshops, and visual art, featuring a wide range of local and international artists.

As part of Indian Summer Festival’s Taiké stream, PAUSE programming emphasizes collaborations and conversations between South Asian and Indigenous artists.

The PAUSE Pavilion’s unique design was the result of an international design competition organized by the non-profit school DBR (Design Build Research) for TED2017. The contest winner, designer Alsu Sadrieva in Russia, thoughtfully conceptualized PAUSE as an outdoor space to reflect, gather, and interact within.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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