Vikram Vij’s Power of 10

Vikram Vij’s Power of 10

Continuing our 10th anniversary celebration, we’ve invited 10 Indian Summer Festival alumni to share 10 artists that inspire them.

We couldn’t create this list without Vikram Vij. His legendary Vij’s restaurant famously takes no reservations (Pierre Trudeau and Harrison Ford have been asked to wait their turn) and is a local hotspot and a destination for anyone visiting Vancouver.

Vikram Vij was one of the first supporters of Indian Summer Festival, and we are honoured to say that he has been a partner for 10 years in a row.

Check out Vij’s power of 10!

1. Mahatma Gandhi

The tenacity to be so focused in life to make a change in the course of a nation

2. Nelson Mandela

Learning from Gandhi’s teachings on non-violence and changing his way of getting out of the aparthaid

3. Barack Obama

Because of his leadership style

4. Thomas Keller

For being a focused chef. He is a very famous chef in San Francisco

5. Ashwin Sood

For being my brother and best friend

6. Meeru Dhalwala and our kitchen staff

All of the amazing kitchen team, for creating the best Indian food

7. Canada

As a country, because it allows me to be who I am and spread my wings, because it has given me the platform for being happy and successful

8. Justin Trudeau

9. Kravan Linden

For being a great spokesperson for Vancouver

10. My family

I grew up within a lot of love. The reason that I am who I am is because I grew up with so much love.

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