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Accessible ISF 

Our ambition is for an inclusive society. Accessibility is mandatory.

If you have an access request, or would like to ask questions/offer feedback about the accessibility of Indian Summer Festival events, please contact Laura June Albert at engage@indiansummerfestival.ca, or by phone at +1 604 283 9172.

Beyond our free events, every year we reserve hundreds of tickets for community accessibility ticketing. All of the below ticketing options are subject to availability for each event.

MOBILITY ACCESS: 100% of Indian Summer Festival’s indoor venues are accessible to people using mobility aids, including wide and flat entrances, access to ramps and elevators, wheelchair and scooter accessible washrooms, and appropriate seating. Certain venues have specific entrance and washroom information for people with mobility aids; please see venue-specific descriptions below for more information.

PRIORITY & ASSIGNED SEATING: We offer early entry and/or assigned priority seating for people with invisible disability, low vision, or chronic pain. We can arrange this onsite, or contact us to plan in advance.

COMPANION TICKETING: A complimentary ticket will be provided (subject to availability) to anyone requiring a companion for access. For assistance booking a companion ticket please contact us, or purchase a ticket under general admission for a given event, and you will be prompted to add a complimentary companion ticket at checkout.

LOW-VISION FRIENDLY: Many festival events are “low-vision friendly” and accessible for people who are blind or partially sighted without the need for visual description. These audio-centric events include our annual Ideas Series of panel conversations and artist talks as well as classical music performances. Events with high visual content will not be marked as low-vision friendly. Guests who are blind or partially sighted are eligible for complimentary companion ticketing (subject to availability) and priority seating.Indian Summer Festival is proud to partner with VocalEye to increase the accessibility of our programming to audience members who are blind and partially sighted.

Feature Event: Exclusive Invitation for Guests with Sight Loss
Strings for Peace World Premiere: Blind and Low Vision Reception. Register Here
Friday, July 12 at 8 pm at the Chan Centre, 6265 Crescent Rd, Vancouver.
Reception: 6:45pm – 7:30pm in the Chan Centre RBC Cinema
Concert: 8:00pm – 10:00pm in the Chan Centre Concert Hall

Exclusive Reception for Blind and Low Vision guests and their companions. This event will centre and privilege the sensory experiences of people who are blind and partially sighted.

Indian Summer Festival invites members of the blind and low vision community to an exclusive pre-concert experience featuring a talk and touch-tour led by Hriday Buddhdev. Guests will have the opportunity to feel the shape and structure of the instrument, sit up close to absorb the musical chemistry, hear the introspective resonance, and experience the sensory movements of playing the music with the hand over hand method. Hriday will illustrate historical insights about the styles of Sarod, with instrumental demonstrations of musical concepts to listen for during the concert. He will also explain the musical traditions and the key influences which have impacted the evolution of the Sarod styles.

Hriday Buddhdev studies the Maihar-Senia style of Sarode with Ustad Alam Khan, son of the great Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

ARTISTIC SIGN LANGUAGE: We recognize that audio-centric events made accessible by translation are inadequate for the poetics of sign language. Working in collaboration with artists, we strive to program meaningful events outside of audio-centric and surface translation presentations. Check the ASL Vlogs for Deaf and hard of hearing event information for this year’s festival.

Indian Summer Festival is proud to partner with Artistic Sign Language to increase the Deaf and hard of hearing inclusivity of our programming.

SCENT: While Indian Summer Festival emails all ticket holders requesting that attendees refrain from wearing scented products at all of our events, we do not enforce this policy, nor do our venues have permanent scent-free policies in place. Of note: many of our events are held in outdoor spaces, including everything at the PAUSE Pavilion.

For more information about MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and to grow your scent-free solidarity, please see this brilliant summary by Peggie Munson.

LGBTQIA2+ INCLUSIVITY: In order to foster a welcoming and safe space for queer and genderqueer people, Indian Summer Festival provides training for our staff, board, and volunteers about language and assumptions. We offer complimentary tickets for QTPOC communities and individuals, and we have gender subverting signage on washrooms at indoor venues. To find out more or to request tickets for your group, please contact Community Engagement Manager Laura June Albert at engage@indiansummerfest.ca.

COMMUNITY TICKETING: Free tickets are available for populations served by social services organizations and to community organizations whose members face economic barriers, as well as to low-income individuals. To request tickets for yourself or your group, please contact Community Engagement Manager Laura June Albert at engage@indiansummerfest.ca.

INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY TICKETING: Free or reduced-price tickets are available for Indigenous individuals and community groups to attend Indian Summer Festival events. To find out more or to request tickets for your group, please contact Community Engagement Manager Laura June Albert at engage@indiansummerfest.ca.

With respect and admiration for Indigenous land stewardship and governance, Indian Summer Festival strives to program meaningful interactions between Indigenous and South Asian artistic visions and practices.

FREE PROGRAMMING: Over the past nine years Indian Summer has worked to bring free, world class art to Vancouver’s public spaces. 2019 offers a full roster of free programming, with free events (including performances, art talks, panels, workshops, and exhibits) throughout the festival. Check out PAUSE for more information and the full schedule.

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