Kamila Shamsie

The Evocator of Experience

Kamila Shamsie is an award-winning Pakistani novelist living between London and Karachi. Shamsie comes from a significant literary line of writers, three generations of women before her, including her mother, Muneeza Shamsie and her great-aunt, Attia Hosain. She wrote her first novel In the City by the Sea while still in college and has written five novels since. Her most recent publication, A God in Every Stone was shortlisted for the prestigious Walter Scott Prize.

Shamsie’s fiction is driven by a passionate curiosity and offers vivid portraits of an array of historical moments ranging from the experiences of Indian troops on the Western Front to New York in the aftermath of 9/11. Her writing is inspired by and evokes powerful imagery, such as the bird patterns of the kimonos burned on the skin of the protagonist from the flash of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki in Burnt Shadows.

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