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Our ambition is for an inclusive society.

In 2011, we had an idea. We wanted to tell more stories to bring people together.

Now, ten editions later, Indian Summer has been producing an annual festival modeling the kind of society we’d like to see. A society that is creative, diverse, innovative and inclusive.

As we reflect on the last decade and the impact we’ve had on Vancouver, we know we’ve made progress, but we also know: more work needs to be done.

The world is building more and more walls and societies are becoming more suspicious and afraid of people who don’t look like them and think like them. Our solution is to continue offering transformative experiences to show the power of the arts as the connecting thread where worlds meet. We know we have more in common than what divides us, and we know there has never been a more urgent time to bring our communities together.

But, we can’t do this urgent work without you.

We are a community-driven non-profit and we believe in the power of our stories to bring us together. For the next ten years, our ambition is to build on this platform and grow a community of supporters dedicated to a more inclusive society.

Learn how you can support our vision.

Patrons Circle

Patron donations make a profound difference to the festival’s success and touch the lives of artists and audiences alike. With your donation of $1,000+, you join our Patrons Circle and enjoy numerous benefits including exclusive invitations, charitable tax receipts, VIP experiences, and more.


You can play a direct role in amplifying the voices of diverse artists whose work addresses some of the most pressing issues of our time. Become a supporter today and your donation will be used to ensure these voices can be heard by everyone. Make a $25+ donation today and you will automatically become one of our Supporters of Indian Summer and receive a bunch of benefits.

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